Starter Batteries

Starter Batteries

It satisfies every need and application and is positioned at the high end for reliability and starting capacity. Excellent value for the money. The series hermetic is a new-generation battery with double cover, completely maintenance-free and with calcium-calcium (Ca/Ca) technology. It is a high-performance product that provides the maximum power and reliability for the most demanding driver.


A complete range for every use. From the most common to Asian automobiles. Ideal for professional applications on commercial vehicles and earthmoving and agricultural machinery. Excellent performance in all conditions.

Historic Italian brand of starter batteries, on the market since 1964.
Starter batteries designed to provide the necessary power to any modern vehicles, including light vehicles, heavy trucks and tractors. All car batteries are manufactured by means of a lead/calcium maintenance-free technology. Batteries for commercial vehicles offer all power and performance required for any purpose. All batteries are designed to offer the highest reliability. Over 50 years’ experience and know-how in the field of high-tech battery production allow the brand to present itself as a high reliable product.

A FIAMM group brand. Bären batteries combine high technology and reliability. An adequate response to the growing need for energy. A completely revised product line that now offers more performance.


A specific product for LD (Large Distribution) and OD (Organised Distribution). The product line covers most automobile applications.

Fiamm Batteries - Project Italia Srl

The FIAMM Group has factories and offices all over the world.
Experience, a deep knowledge of the product, and the ability to converse with the client are the company’s undisputed prerogatives. Inventiveness, passion, talent, precision are the strengths of its highly qualified human resources. The energy of a healthy Italy. The same energy that made this brand the supplier to the world’s leading car manufacturers, despite remaining deeply linked to its Italian roots. The same one that gave life to a sound and competitive industrial base with a global distribution and commercial network.
It is present in sixty countries, with about seventy percent of its sales overseas.
Made in Italy for the world; this is Fiamm